My Story

I saw the starter kit in a Scentsy catalog and KNEW I wanted to become a Scentsy Consultant before I ever saw the real products.  It was so simple:  A safe, decorative way that people could fragrance their home WITHOUT the dangers of fire, soot, or smoke.  The problem was, that I had tried 4 other home businesses and numerous other part-time ventures in an effort to bring in money while staying at home with my kids, but had not succeeded significantly with any of them... I didn't believe in myself and my ability to make anything like Scentsy work.  At the time I was working as a waitress and was exhausted when I came home late every worknight.  But, I finally decided that even if I joined Scentsy and failed miserably, I would still have recieved a bargain with all the scents that come in the kit- and I could warm them in my own home LOL!  I joined in May 2008 and even though I was very slow getting started, I was completely surprised by Christmas of that year at how easily Scentsy was to sell, and how many people came to ME about hosting, ordering, and yup- even joining my team!  I'd never experiened that with my other businesses.  Scentsy is such a simple concept that people just GET it easily!  They LOVE it and want to buy it, they want to share it at parties (which are SO fun!) and they want to earn money by sharing it.  I would not have thought then that I would make Director or be able to quit that waitress job- but both happened!  Even when we moved from Salt Lake City, Utah to Houston, Texas for my husband's job I was excited because my Scentsy business could come with me!  It is so rewarding to know that my Scentsy business pays for Christmas, trips for our family, and so much more! Have YOU ever thought about doing something alongside your family and your other activities to bring in more income?  I encourage you to email me at or call/ text me at (801) 842-6122- I would LOVE to get you some more information.  Or, if you simply want ro know about  current Scentsy products, you have just found your consultant!  I would LOVE to spoil you as my wonderful customer or hostess. :) <!--endbody-->